Richard W. Painter
S. Walter Richey Professor of Corporate Law

Prof. Painter on Ethical Issues Surrounding Trump's Decision to Retain Ownership of Businesses

Professor Richard Painter—former chief ethics lawyer for President George W. Bush—has been quoted and interviewed by many major media outlets following President-elect Trump's first press conference, during which he revealed his plan to retain ownership in his businesses after his inauguration. "With respects to the conflicts of interest, none of them have been addressed by this plan because Trump will retain ownership interest in the businesses," Painter told ABC News. "Serious problems in the Trump business empire remain unresolved at this point."

Prof. Painter also appeared in the following outlets: The Atlantic, Fox 9, Bloomberg, ABC News, PBS NewsHour, Forbes, Yahoo! News, Brookings Institute, KFDI Radio, Vocativ, Slate, CNBC, NBC News, BBC News, CBS News, Politico, Washington Post, Huffington Post, The Christian Science Monitor, and Teen Vogue.