Rural Immigrant Access Clinic – 7910

Students in the Rural Immigrant Access Clinic will participate in pop-up legal clinics in rural communities that have limited access to immigration attorneys. These full-day legal clinics will be held in a range of spaces in Minnesota, including community centers, churches, schools and libraries. Students will conduct comprehensive legal intakes with noncitizens and their families to identify potential avenues for immigration relief.  Under the supervision of faculty, students will provide legal advice to clients about their options, make legal and social service referrals, and provide safety planning preparation for noncitizens at risk of deportation. When confronted with complex immigration problems that require additional research, students will research legal problems and provide written legal advice to immigrant families.  Students will be assigned to work with a select number of clients identified during the clinic to provide brief legal services through pro se assistance in completing immigration applications.


JD only

Graduation Requirements
Experiential Learning
Subject Area
Immigration Law *
Student Year
Upper Division
Grade base
A - F
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