Sports & Name, Image and Likeness Clinic – 7350

* Multi-semester course

Student attorneys in the Sports & NIL Clinic will work with and assist clients attending institutions across the Upper Midwest, notably student-athletes and social media influencers, in navigating the rapidly changing landscape of name, image, and likeness. Specifically, student attorneys in the clinic will work with these clients as it relates to partnerships with brands and being able to leverage the clients' newly recognized Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) rights. The Sports & NIL Clinic is a placement clinic, and clients will be entering into representation agreements with attorneys at Fredrikson & Byron, P.A.

NIL is a rapidly evolving area of law, and students, especially those participating in athletics, may be able to profit on their NIL rights. The Clinic will represent students for whom paid representation is not feasible in their circumstances. Student attorneys participating in the clinic will work with clients in several ways. For example, the University of Minnesota has a policy that any brand partnership entered into by a student-athlete cannot conflict with existing contractual agreements the University may have. The student attorneys can assist these student-athletes by conducting contractual cross-referencing to ensure compliance with this requirement. Additionally, the student attorneys can assist with due diligence regarding brands offering their partnership, assist with document drafting for compliance purposes, and review the contracts these brands are proposing to the clinic clients.

Recommended prereq/coreq - LAW 6837 Contract Drafting

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JD only. LAW 6837 Contract Drafting recommended.

Graduation Requirements
Experiential Learning
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Business Law *
Intellectual Property and Technology *
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Upper Division
Grade base
A - F
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