Judicial Writing

This course focuses on developing the writing abilities and practical knowledge of prospective judicial law clerks.  The class will center around six writing assignments, which will include a bench memo, jury instructions, trial court order, and several appellate opinions.  Only one writing assignment will require a work product exceeding 7 double-spaced pages.  Most of the reading for the class will consist of materials relating to these six writing assignments, including attorneys’ briefing, relevant portions of the record, key precedents, and samples of past materials.  Class will also provide students with practical information about how to be an effective law clerk, drawing heavily on guest talks from local federal and state judges and law clerks.  Topics will include how to rely on the case record, the importance of understanding local procedural rules, and the centrality of the standard of review.

Limited Drop
Graduation Requirements
Upper Division Legal Writing
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Upper Division
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A - F
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