Essentials of Business for Lawyers – 6076

Among other things, this course will teach you how to: (1) Understand basic accounting principles; (2) Read an annual report and analyze financial statements; (3) Look beyond mere numbers to gauge the real financial performance and strength of an entity; (4) Employ cash flow analysis to value a business or determine the potential financial rewards of an investment opportunity; and (5) Understand the strategic questions that business managers must confront in governing their companies.

The course surveys foundational concepts, analytical techniques, and practices related to finance, accounting, and strategic management issues lawyers confront when working with business executives either as an outside consulting attorney or as an inside corporate counsel.  It may also consider other skills and concepts used by business executives, including organizational behavior, marketing, and quantitative analysis.  The overall aim of the course is to help law students better appreciate the broader business context of legal decision-making, and so that they can contribute more effectively as a member of a firm’s top management team or as outside counsel.

Course Equivalency

Students may NOT earn credit if LAW 5076/6016 Essentials of Business for Lawyers was previously completed.

Subject Area
Business Law *
Commercial Law
Corporate Law
Tax Law
Student Year
Upper Division
Grade base
A - F
Course type