Saeks Public Interest Residency – 6066

* Multi-semester course

The Saeks Public Interest Residency Program, established by Allen (‘56) and Linda Saeks, connects leading public interest and government organizations with high-achieving 3L students. Students work full-time during their third year of law school for a nonprofit or government agency and have a guaranteed, full-time, paid legal position with the same organization the year following graduation. This innovative model provides students with valuable legal training while providing the organizations with much-needed legal work. This classroom component will complement the externship. Residents will meet as a group, weekly, to discuss lawyering skills, learn from public interest speakers, and gain insight into their work. For more information, see .


JD students only. Concurrent enrollment required in LAW 6067 Minnesota Law Public Interest Residency Externship.

Graduation Requirements
Upper Division Legal Writing
Subject Area
Public Law
Student Year
Upper Division
Grade base
A - F
Course type