Human Rights Advocacy – 6058

NOTE: This course is cross-listed with the Global Studies (GLOS) department. Some classes may overlap with the Law School final exam period.

This course will study the histories, philosophies and activities of human rights activists and organizations. The course examines the theoretical basis of the human rights movement, the principles underlying key organizations in the human rights field, as well as their strategies, tactics and programs. The class will use case studies and other active methods to understand and to evaluate the work of human rights activists. Topics to be considered include fact-finding and documentation, campaigns on human rights issues, cultural relativism, economic rights, and corporate responsibility for human rights. Students will consider the basic organizational structure and fundraising needs of NGOs. Students will design and present a research project based on their selection of in-class topics. Readings include material on the history of NGOs; roots and development of the human rights movement; analysis of key NGOs; advocacy within international institutions; and reports and publications from NGOs working in the field.

Subject Area
Human Rights *
Student Year
Upper Division
Grade base
A - F
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