Corporate Externship

Each semester, the Corporate Institute places rising 2L and 3L students in law departments of major corporations in the metropolitan area and in some remote placements around the country. The students earn up to three credits while experiencing the world of business and the real connection between business and law. In-house counsel from the placement companies mentor the students for up to 150 hours. Learn more about the Corporate Externship Field Placement Course

Examples of externship projects

  • Review, redline, and negotiate agreements on all subject matters
  • Attend strategy meetings and in-house CLEs
  • Brainstorm solutions to legal issues
  • Help prepare for negotiations between a parent and subsidiary
  • Create a system for tracking SEC filings
  • Research the effect of new legislation on a company
  • Revise a licensing agreement
  • Craft a list of corporate governance questions that might be asked by shareholders
  • Compare interstate and international laws

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