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Powering Change: The Environmental and Energy Law Clinic’s Role in Minnesota’s Clean Energy Transition

Minnesota Law’s Environmental and Energy Law Clinic provides students with hands-on, real-world experience representing clients in legal cases, at the legislature, and in regulatory proceedings. The students work on a wide range of legal issues addressing climate change, clean water, clean air, and the health of Minnesota’s communities. In a partnership with the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy (MCEA), supervising attorneys provide oversight and lead the Clinic’s work. 

Students participating in a meeting for the Environmental and Energy Law Clinic

A Letter from Interim Dean William McGeveran

Dear Alumni and Friends of Minnesota Law:

Warm greetings from Mondale Hall! While I have been a professor at Minnesota Law for 17 years, I began serving as the interim dean this summer. I’ve already gotten to know many of our alumni and friends over the years and truly love this great community. If I haven’t met you yet, I look forward to the opportunity!

Meet the Class of 2026: Sarah Chaoui

Incoming 1L Sarah Chaoui ’26 is from Charlotte, North Carolina. Her family is originally from Morocco. She received her undergraduate degree from Duke University where she majored in public policy and minored in visual media studies. Before law school, Sarah worked as a direct services professional, providing respite and community living support services for people with disabilities for two years. 

Welcome to Minnesota Law! Can you tell us why you chose the University of Minnesota Law School? 

Sarah Chaoui

Meet the Class of 2026: Noah Miller

Incoming 1L Noah Miller ’26 is from Pine City, Minnesota. He is a graduate of Bethel University in St. Paul. Prior to coming to law school, he held positions in court administration and at the Minnesota Appellate Defender’s Office.

Welcome to Minnesota Law! Can you tell us why you chose the University of Minnesota Law School? 

Noah Miller

Meet the Class of 2026: Alejandra Arboleda

Incoming 1L Alejandra Arboleda ’26 was born and raised in New Jersey, but her family is from Ecuador. She attended Rutgers University where she received her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and minored in politics, philosophy, and economics. Prior to law school, Alejandra dedicated her time to multiple organizations that championed human, minority, and immigrant rights, and co-founded an organization, Esperanza, which allocates vital resources to support undocumented immigrants and their families within the tri-state area. 

Alejandra Arboleda

How Scholarship Support Allows Passion To Flourish: Earl Lin, 2L

Growing up, Earl Lin, 2L always felt driven to serve the public and work towards a more equitable society. With this drive, Lin worked as a paralegal in Washington, D.C. for six years after graduating from college, where he had the opportunity to be involved in several meaningful cases, many of which involved issues of police accountability. Lin found this work to be immensely rewarding, especially as he learned more about the issue of qualified immunity.

Earl Lin, 2L

Beyond The Classroom:  Public Interest Fellowship Recipients Share Their Valuable Experiences 

Minnesota Law is known for having one of the best public interest law programs in the country. We implement innovative models and opportunities to provide students with valuable legal training and a pipeline to employment, while providing organizations with much-needed legal assistance. Each summer, our students find summer positions in the public interest field in direct legal services or advocacy organizations in Minnesota and throughout the nation. 

Madelyn Cox-Guerra, 3L, Justice Shannon, 3L, and Sara Koste '22

Advocacy in Action:  2L takes advantage of Minnesota Law’s programs to champion human rights around the world

Suzanne Mead, a 2L at Minnesota Law, has big plans to pursue a career in international human rights law advocacy after graduation. Mead chose this area of work because it combines her immense passion for helping people with her interest in the Mandarin language, which she has studied for well over a decade. Because of Minnesota Law’s reputation of public interest law programs and the notoriety of the Human Rights Center (HRC), it was Mead’s first choice when picking a law school. 

Student Suzanne Mead working at the Human Rights Center