Profs. Perry Moriearty and JaneAnne Murray Quoted in Minnesota Reformer About New Minnesota Law Affecting Felony Murder Doctrine

Professors Perry Moriearty and JaneAnne Murray were quoted in the Minnesota Reformer about a new Minnesota Law that says people no longer can be charged with murder unless they intended to cause a death or were a major participant in a murder. Because the new law is retroactive, it could also lead to the release of dozens of people now imprisoned for murder. Moriearty said it’s a “uniquely American phenomenon that we continue to use these laws so liberally” to lock people up while every other common law country has abolished felony murder laws. Murray represents two prisoners incarcerated under previous laws. She said “it’s a terrible tragedy but they’re just really cases that are botched burglaries and botched robberies. It’s just a very tragic situation that results in very tragic penalties.”