Christopher Roberts
Associate Professor of Law
Joseph & Edith Wargo Research Scholar
Vance Opperman Research Scholar

Prof. Roberts on KARE-11 TV News Discusses Uber and Lyft Being Chosen Before Ambulances for Hospital Rides

Professor Chris Roberts was interviewed on KARE-11 TV News about Uber and Lyft edging out ambulances as people’s first choice for a ride to the hospital. He was also quoted in a related article. “When you think about the cost of an ambulance, $600 to $1,000, that’s enough to find a good portion of the public in serious debt,” said Roberts. Roberts added that the cheaper option for passengers could put drivers at risk, facing serious legal liability: “If there is somebody who is suffering grave bodily harm and the driver willingly, knowingly offers them help, there are a set of duties that accrue in which you cannot leave someone in a worse condition than which you found them."