Eugene Borgida
Professor of Psychology and Law

Prof. Borgida Co-edits "Collaboration in Psychological Science: Behind the Scenes"

Affiliated Professor of Psychology and Law, Eugene Borgida, and Richard Zweigenhaft, Guilford College professor of psychology, co-edited a book titled "Collaboration in Psychological Science: Behind the Scenes."

In addition to the Introduction and Conclusion that he and his co-author wrote, Borgida is the author of one of the chapters, “It takes a village: Interdisciplinary research collaboration in political psychology.”

Thirty-five psychologists, who have collaborated extensively with a wide range of scholars from multiple disciplines over the course of their careers, wrote the other 20 chapters. The essays explore the many benefits of collaborating, as well as the pitfalls that can lead to difficult or even nightmare collaborative experiences. Best practices for collaborative scholarship are identified and discussed.

Peter Salovey, the president of Yale University, wrote the foreward to the book, which has been published by Worth Publishers (a division of Macmillan Learning).