Christopher Soper

Prof. Soper Comments on Plan Filed in Minnesota Archdiocese Bankruptcy

Professor Chris Soper commented to both the Star Tribune and MPR News on the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis' bankruptcy plan of reorganization, filed on May 26, 2016. Prof. Soper analyzed the insurance coverage and contribution issues within the plan, and theorized that most insurance companies are likely to eventually settle with the Archdiocese and contribute to the bankruptcy plan, even though—so far—only a few have done so. He also told the Star Tribune that the filing of the bankruptcy plan marks the "beginning of the middle" of the bankruptcy reorganization process, meaning that there are many more legal issues that must be resolved before the plan will be confirmed and victims will be paid. Soper spoke to MPR News about the bankruptcy judge's role in resolving one of the ongoing disputes between the abuse creditors and the Archdiocese: the Archdioceses' assets available to pay claims. "The creditors committee says the Archdiocese is not putting in enough money [to pay victims]. The Archdiocese says it's putting in all of its available assets," Prof. Soper said. "The Bankruptcy Judge will decide where the truth really lies."