Reservable Educational Technology and Multimedia Equipment

Room Equipment
Most classrooms have computers and presentation equipment built-in. Please follow the link to view the list. The Rooms need to be reserved through the Room Reservation Form. Tutorial videos on using the classroom and seminar room projectors, as well as making classroom audio recordings, are available on the Law Education Technologies User Guides site.

LCD Projectors
LCD projectors can be attached to a Laptop or Document Camera.

Visualizer / Document Camera
Visualizer/Document Cameras for displaying printed documents and physical objects. You must order an LCD Projector to display the output from this piece of equipment.

Portable Screens
For spaces that do not have built-in screens.

Portable Sound System
Includes one microphone and speakers.

Audio Recording
Audio recording is available with the classroom recording systems or portable digital devices.

Video Recording
We are able to video record in Courtrooms 170 & 180 and in Lockhart Hall, Room 25. Your reservation through Law Educational Technology reserves the equipment but a separate room reservation on the Room Reservation Form is also necessary to reserve a room.

Digital Cameras
Portable digital video cameras are available to record make-up work and class assignments. We also have a digital still camera.

Please indicate in the section labeled Notes how many microphones your event needs and how the microphones should be set up. For example: at a podium, one per table for three tables, etc.

Conference Telephones
Speaker phones can be used for conference calls. These phones are usable in rooms 7, N202 & N209. Room 262 has a conference phone permanently available.

Other Equipment
If we do not have the equipment you need, please check Other on the request form and explain what you need in Notes. If we cannot help you, we will try and refer you to someone who can.

You can contact us at:, 612-301-4357.