Master of Science in Patent Law

M.S.P.L. Program

With a Master of Science in Patent Law, students with scientific and technical backgrounds leverage that knowledge to advance career opportunities in the booming area of patent law. This one-year professional master’s degree program is aimed at students who want to work in cutting-edge technology, helping inventors and corporations to bring innovations to market.

Master of Science in Patent Law program stats

Our pioneering program combines traditional study of the complexity of patent law with project-based learning about business strategies and extensive practical training. By the time you graduate, you will understand the science behind patents, the law that secures them, and the techniques to manage innovation and maximize the value of resulting patents.

Launch Your Career in the Legal Field

Graduates have gone on to a wide array of careers in patent-intensive industries ranging from medical technology to computer software. Many of our graduates take and pass the Patent Bar, going on to become patent agents (i.e., individuals who can work on, file, and initiate patent applications for clients). Patent agents are currently in high demand and the need continues to grow.

Live Life Beyond the Lab

If you are looking for an exciting and engaging career using your STEM knowledge in a creative way, a Master’s in Patent Law may be for you. To receive more information about the program and opportunities available in patent law, please e-mail us at or call 612-625-2362.