Jennifer Bloom received her undergraduate degree in Journalism from the University of Minnesota, her JD from William Mitchell College of Law, and her EdM from Harvard University. She has been the Executive Director of Learning Law and Democracy Foundation (formerly the Minnesota Center for Community Legal Education) for over 20 years, demonstrating her dedication to raising the level of civics education in Minnesota and around the country. Among her achievements is the High School Mock Trial Competition, which she started in Minnesota and co-founded on the national level.

Jennifer also is an Adjunct Professor of Law, University of Minnesota Law School, where she teaches Street Law. She also teaches courses for teachers through Hamline University. Jennifer has written many articles and several curricula in law and civics education and created the website. In 1991, Jennifer was the 1991 recipient of the American Bar Association’s Isidore Starr Award for Excellence in Law-Related Education. She was also honored with the 2011 Minnesota State Bar Association Citizen Lawyer of the Year award and was recognized as a University of Minnesota CLA Alumni of Notable Achievement.