Dan Schwarcz

Daniel Schwarcz

Fredrikson & Byron Professor of Law
Distinguished University Teaching Professor

Prof. Dan Schwarcz Interviewed in Minnesota Daily About His Latest Study on the Use of AI in the Classroom

Prof. Daniel Schwarcz was interviewed regarding a Minnesota Law study published in the Social Science Research Network. The study findings said that law students who use generative artificial intelligence (AI) like ChatGPT to help them complete classwork are more likely to finish their assignments sooner and that law students who are less familiar with the source material are more likely to see a higher grade when using AI to assist them in completing their classwork. Schwarcz said the use of generative AI will likely become one of the primary tools in the toolkit for law. “It’s probably gonna vary across tasks and across legal settings, but I think we can very confidently say it will be a big disruptor of legal services.”