Meet the LLM Class: Jung Ho Shim

Incoming LLM Jung Ho Shim is originally from Seoul, South Korea, most recently living in Boston where her family lives. She is a surgical oncologist with an expertise in performing laparoscopic and robotic surgeries for intestinal cancers. She’s also worked with pharmaceutical and IT companies in helping to develop drugs as well as AI-driven platforms for doctors and patients.

Welcome to Minnesota Law! Can you tell us why you decided to get an LLM from Minnesota Law?

I am glad to be part of the University of Minnesota Law School community. I’ve observed that AI-driven, cutting-edge technology has taken an important role in the healthcare industry sectors as well as hospital settings. However, to expedite this development process, I see that the legal philosophy and framework will be instrumental underpinnings. So, I decided to study law.

What are you looking forward to most during your year in Minnesota?

I want to be part of this wonderful academic community, and also learn from the professors as well as my fellow students. Also, I hope I can share my distinctive perspectives as a physician and an entrepreneur with others.

Minnesota Law strives to embody a culture of equity, inclusiveness, and belonging in the classroom and in our community. In your opinion, what are some of the most important aspects of creating a culture where all students feel like they belong?

To have an open mind to listen to the thoughts and voices of others, and to exchange thoughts freely without any reservation.

Do you have a hobby or special interests? And/or what do you like to do during your free time?

I love to listen to classical music, and I play piano or violin by myself. I am a movie-goer, especially action or drama movies.

Who inspires you and why?

When I was young, my mom inspired me, she always encouraged me by saying: “You can do whatever you want to be as long as you won’t give it up.” She never stops developing herself, recently she started to learn water painting and calligraphy. I respect my mom’s attitude for life. My husband always backs up my dream and cheers me up so that I can reach my full potential. We always exchange our thoughts on everything, sometimes have hot debates as well.

What’s the most recent book or podcast you’ve read or listened to?


Finally, if someone is traveling to your country, what should they do or see?

Definitely, please enjoy excellent and diverse foods in Seoul.