Prof. Kritzer Receives Harry J. Kalven Jr. Prize for Empirical Scholarship in Law

Professor Emeritus Herbert M. Kritzer received the Law & Society Association's  Harry J. Kalven, Jr. Prize for empirical scholarship and the advancement of research in law. 

Originally trained as a political scientist, Kritzer is author, coauthor or coeditor of 12 books and over 100 research articles. He also served as general editor of a remarkable resource for comparative and international study—the four-volume encyclopedia, Legal Systems of the World, which includes detailed overviews of legal topics and summaries of the diverse legal systems of the world’s countries.

Kritzer was a 2019 LSA Legacy Prize winner, a 2015 Ronald Pipkin Service Award winner and served as editor for the Association’s Law & Society Review journal from 2004-2007.

Kritzer joins an impressive list of winners that dates back to the 1980s, including Hans Ziesel, Marc Galanter, Austin Sarat, Martha Fineman, David Truebeck, Philip Selznick, Sally Engle Merry, Kim Lane Scheppele, Bryant Garth, and Joachim Savelsberg (2021 winner and a member of our affiliate faculty from the sociology department), among others.

"This is a wonderful recognition of our friend and his outstanding career," said Garry W. Jenkins,  dean and William S. Pattee Professor of Law. "He remains a giant in our profession!"


Herbert M. Kritzer
Professor Emeritus
Marvin J. Sonosky Chair of Law and Public Policy