Q&A with Rising 3L Olivia Leyrer, Transfer Student

Rising 3L Olivia Leyrer, a Minnesota Law transfer student, recently answered a few questions about what drew her to the Law School and what unique experiences and opportunities she’s discovered so far.

Why did you transfer to Minnesota Law?

I liked that Minnesota Law had concentrations within the J.D. program. It made it easy to pinpoint what classes to focus on for certain subject areas like Business or International Law. It’s also nice to get an actual certificate in those concentrations to put on your resume, almost like a major in undergrad.

How has the experience of coming in as a transfer student been for you?

Transferring was a hard decision, but the faculty and staff have been very welcoming. We were assigned a professor for academic advising and a career counselor. Both of these advisors arranged lunches for us to get to know fellow transfers and to ask questions throughout the year.

Did you receive the support you needed in making the transition?

Absolutely. Our orientation leaders were really approachable and made sure each one of us felt comfortable in our new school. Professors and staff reached out to our transfer group periodically throughout the school year to organize lunches and meetings to make sure we were transitioning smoothly.

Favorite Minnesota Law experience so far?

I loved watching Theater of the Relatively Talentless (TORT), a musical put on every year by law students.

What makes Minnesota Law special to you?

I learned business law from the man who literally wrote Minnesota’s corporate statutes. The professors don’t just teach from textbooks, they’re experts in their field and show you how to apply your legal knowledge to real-life scenarios.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about transferring here?

Reach out to students here. Minnesota Law’s academic ranking speaks for itself, but talk to students to hear about our school’s culture and what Minneapolis is like. We’d love to hear from you!