Structured Study Group Instructors – 7004

Fall 2023

* Multi-semester course

The Structured Study Group Program (SSG) is the Law School’s academic support program for students in first-year classes. In this seminar, SSG Program Supplemental Instructors (SI) will work with peers and with the program facilitators developing ideas and best practices for SSG sessions and activities. SIs will learn from assigned readings, peers, and instructors about teaching methods, learning styles, and ways to help students understand, digest, retain, and apply concepts from their 1L classes. During the seminar, SIs will share lesson plans for their own SSG sessions, present mock lessons, and receive feedback from the seminar leaders and the other SIs. The seminar is a forum for SIs to discuss questions, problems, and ideas that will enable them to better serve their students. SIs are expected to communicate with the1L faculty for their assigned section, hold office hours for their assigned 1L students; create lesson plans and materials for their 1L sessions and share them with their peers and the facilitators, participate in seminar discussions via email or Zoom, and meet with the program facilitators during the semester for check-ins.