Advanced Real Estate Transactions – 6844

Spring 2023

This “hands on” course exposes students to the real world issues, documentation, and experiences that an attorney in the area of commercial real estate law would encounter. The course emphasizes the theory behind the provisions that are contained in various transaction documents as well as the realistic results of negotiation and their effect upon actual transactions. Students draft real estate documents, participate in negotiation sessions with follow up discussion regarding the results of those negotiations, and evaluate alternative real estate investments. The course provides a well-rounded understanding of basic commercial real estate documentation and transactions. The class also provides a foundation for all transactional lawyers, whether or not they will practice in the real estate field. Major topics include the following: Real Property Contracts and Conveyance Documents; Mortgages, Deeds of Trust and other Loan Documents; Leasing Documentation; Title Insurance and Land Title Surveys; Real Estate Markets, Securitization and Development; and Real Estate Investments and Analysis.