Investment Banking – 6823

The objective of this seminar is to provide an introduction to investment banking and private equity. We will discuss the players, the industry and how investment banking and private equity provide capital to public and private companies. Using case studies and examples of recent transactions, we will discuss the background, process and “art” of deals involving investment bankers and private equity professionals. We will spend time discussing the intersection of investment banking, private equity and corporate law in the context of transactions. What are the respective roles of the lawyers and bankers? How do lawyers and bankers work together with mutual clients on deals on issues like fiduciary duty, valuation, disclosure and regulation? The seminar will require some interest – though not necessarily a background – in basic finance. We will spend time on financing, accounting and valuation concepts that are helpful for both bankers and lawyers to know in the context of a transactional practice.

Graduation Requirements
Upper Division Legal Writing
Subject Area
Business Law *
Corporate Law
Student Year
Upper Division
Grade base
A - F
Course type