International Business Operations and Negotiations – 6622

The course surveys foundational concepts, analytical techniques and practices related to organization and strategic management of multinational firms and cross-border transactions they negotiate with host-country governments, firms and non-governmental organizations.  The overall aim of the course is to give law students basic proficiency in theories, practices and analytical techniques for understanding why and how multinational firms emerge and organize operations differently, negotiate cross-border transactions differently, and perform differently over time. Students will gain this basic proficiency with special reference to the multinational firm’s general counsel and her contributions to top-management decision-making, so that these future legal professionals can contribute more effectively as a member of a multinational firm’s top management team.  The pedagogical approach of this course will be a modified Socratic method utilizing business and legal cases as well as in-class exercises letting law students play different organizational roles in different negotiating contexts.

Subject Area
Business Law *
Commercial Law
Corporate Law
Intellectual Property and Technology *
International Law *
Student Year
Upper Division
Grade base
A - F
Course type