Follow Your Professional Passion

Carter Allen, 1L

Carter Allen, 1L, came to Minnesota Law after internships with the Chicago Cubs, the Final Four, and NASCAR, as well as four seasons working in the premium service department of the San Francisco 49ers. It was during his time with the 49ers that he noticed the impact the legal team of a professional sports organization can have not only on the franchise, but also on the local community and the nation. By attending Minnesota Law, he is hoping to build on his experiences and lay the necessary foundation to reach his ultimate goal of becoming general counsel for an NFL team. (Read Q&A.)

"Minnesota Law offered me the unique blend of academic prestige as a top-25 law school and ideal location in relation to my career aspirations, with Minnesota being home to six professional sports teams. Add in the university’s emphasis on experiential learning, and the decision felt like a no-brainer."

—Carter Allen, 1L

Minnesota Law encourages students to follow their passions and has more than 30 student organizations through which they can pursue their personal, professional, and community interests, including a Sports Law Association. In the sports arena, we have had students and alumni working in legal positions for NBA and WNBA teams, the NFL, professional baseball and hockey, and NASCAR, to name a few. Regardless of your area of interest, our Career Center will work closely with you to help secure internships, summer jobs, and post-graduate positions in the field or industry you’re passionate about.