Meet the Class: Christhy Le, 1L, A First-Gen Student and Former Digital Marketer Passionate about Data Privacy

Meet Christhy Le, 1L,  who obtained her B.S. in biochemistry and biology from Brown University and worked for nearly five years in digital marketing for Anheuser-Bush.  Her first-hand experience dealing with consumer data left her with a passion for privacy and a desire to improve data-protection practices.

"I hope to work in privacy regulation to bring about effective and nuanced legislation as technology continues to advance," Le says.

A first-generation student, Le is also the proud daughter of two Vietnamese immigrants.


Could you discuss a bit about your background?

After studying biochemistry and molecular biology, I found myself working in digital marketing. I joined the industry during the Cambridge Analytica/Facebook hearings which shaped my view on how customer data can be collected, used, and abused. Over the last five years, I’ve worked closely with big tech companies to learn and understand how they monetize customer data and want to work towards building a future where everyone has more control over their data.

Could you describe one or two interesting life experiences you’ve had? 

I was raised in upstate New York by two Vietnamese immigrants. My parents’ experience of building a life in this country has shaped everything that I do. I’m grateful for their sacrifices and struggle and hope to continue to make them feel that it was worth it.

What do you hope/plan to do with your legal education (realizing, of course, that may change during the course of your studies)?

I’m passionate about privacy law after working in the digital marketing industry for five years. I’m pursuing law in hopes of joining it with my background in digital technology. I hope to work in privacy regulation to bring about effective and nuanced legislation as technology continues to advance.

There are many law school choices. Why did you select Minnesota Law?

I find my environment is crucial to my development and learning. There are so many great law schools to choose from, but Minnesota Law stood out to me from my visit and chats with current students, prospective students, and faculty. I imagine law school will be stressful enough, but I find comfort in knowing that the Minnesota Law community is kind, welcoming, and helpful. 

Minnesota Law strives for a diversity of perspectives in the classroom. What are you hoping to add to the mix?

I was privileged enough to go to an undergrad institution that invested a lot in nurturing a diverse and inclusive environment. I was able to attend talks and workshops from incredible activists and learned about social issues outside of my personal experience from classmates and professors. I’m hoping to bring these kinds of discussions and perspectives to engage with my fellow classmates.

Minnesota Law as an institution emphasizes leadership. What does leadership mean to you?

For me, leadership means making sure everyone has a seat at the table. When I’ve managed teams in the past, I’ve always been mindful of creating spaces where different kinds of working styles are celebrated. Leadership means being able to understand your strengths and opportunities and use those to empower those around you.

What are you most looking forward to about being a law student?

I am excited to go back to school and invest in myself. After spending five years working, you find that you’re often putting in time and effort to further someone else’s ambitions. I am looking forward to being able to learn from the Minnesota Law faculty and my classmates and having my knowledge be the “product” that I’m working on launching.

What are your hobbies/interests?

I’m passionate about sustainable fashion and minimizing textile waste. 95% of my closet comes from local thrifting, upcycling fabrics, or using my sewing machine to make my own clothes. I also love interior design, listening to live music/comedy, and surfing (although maybe not in Minnesota).

How do you like to spend your free time?

I love the outdoors and am excited to explore all that Minnesota has to offer. In my free time, I find joy in hiking, backpacking, running, and boxing. When I’m not outside, I like trying out recipes from one of the many cookbooks I own or making a childhood favorite from my mom’s recipes.