Q&A with Rising 3L Mike Villafranca, Transfer Student

Rising 3L Mike Villafranca, a Minnesota Law transfer student, recently answered a few questions about his journey to the Law School and how his experience has helped advance his academic, professional, and personal goals.

Why did you transfer to Minnesota Law?

My wife grew up in Minnesota, and we wanted our son to grow up near his grandparents. When we decided to move to Minnesota, I wanted to transfer to Minnesota Law because it has a reputation as the best law school in the Twin Cities.

How has the experience of coming in as a transfer student been for you?

It’s been great. The paperwork and administrative process of transferring was easy, students have been friendly and maybe even a little extra helpful when they learn I’m a transfer, and classes have been interesting.

Did you receive the support you needed in making the transition?

Absolutely. In particular, Hallie Prest in the Career Center provided a lot of support with OCIs and the interview process, and she helped me land my job for the summer.

Favorite Minnesota Law experience so far?

I tend to spend more time with my son than at extracurriculars, so I’d have to pick a class. I’ve definitely had many more interesting classes with good professors than I’ve had uninteresting ones, but Land Use and Public Policy with Professor Burkhart was probably my favorite.

What makes Minnesota Law special to you?

Minnesota Law offers so many classes at such a variety of times that I’m able to be a stay-at-home-dad on the days that my wife works without feeling like I'm sacrificing a quality education or feeling like I’m taking classes I don't want to take just because it fits my schedule. Minnesota Law has been great for my family.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about transferring here?

Apply early. Applying and enrolling early gave me the opportunity to meet with Hallie Prest, participate in OCIs, and find the kind of summer job that I was hoping for.