Professor Susanna Blumenthal
Susanna Blumenthal
William Prosser Professor of Law and Professor of History
Co-Director of the Program in Law and History

Prof. Blumenthal's Book, "Law and the Modern Mind," Reviewed in JOTWELL

Stanford Law School Professor Rabia Belt reviewed Law and the Modern Mind Professor Susanna Blumenthal, in JOTWELL (The Journal of Things We Like (Lots)). Professor Belt surveys the key contributions of this "insightful and goundbreaking work" to the fields of historical and legal scholarship, concluding that: 

"Overall, Blumenthal’s book is crucial reading across numerous fields, such as the history of psychiatry, nineteenth-century legal history, and the history of capitalism. For a book that covers over 100 years of legal and medical developments as well as thousands of cases, 'Law and the Modern Mind' is a strikingly brisk and engaging read. Blumenthal’s default legal person will take its place in the legal lexicon next to the reasonable person."