Post-COVID-19 Human Rights Agenda

Blue Image with event title and logos. Features a young child wearing a surgical style mask.

Join us for the last event in a webinar series hosted by the Human Rights Center, the Raoul Wallenberg Institute, Northeastern University School of Law, and the University of British Columbia, School of Public Policy and Global Affairs.

Post-COVID-19 Human Rights Agenda
Monday, November 22, 9:00-10:30am Central 

Measures introduced across continents to fight the COVID-19 pandemic have strengthened authoritarianism, populism, and nationalism. Basic rule of law principles have been brushed aside and powers have been centralized. In parallel, global inequality has increased, with 150 million people pushed into extreme poverty. How can human rights contribute to build forward fairer? Where is there hope for countering the non-democratic trends that have dominated global developments in the past decade? What can the 2030 Agenda contribute? An expert panel will address these issues and take questions from attendees. 


Moderation is by Martha Davis and Amanda Lyons, based on contributions from the new book: COVID-19 and Human Rights. Check out the recordings of our previous webinars on COVID-19, poverty, and human rights.