Cybersecurity Law & Policy Scholars Virtual Conference

Panel on What is Cybersecurity Law and Policy Research
September 17, 2020, 1:30 to 3:00 pm

Interest in the field of cybersecurity, including its law and policy dimensions, has grown at a fast pace in recent years. This growth includes the number of classes on topics such as cybersecurity law being offered at law schools, and a corresponding increase in cybersecurity law and policy-related scholarship. But what constitutes good scholarship in this growing field? What are good research topics? How does the field distinguish itself its close relatives, such as national security, privacy, and computer crime? What does a research agenda for a new scholar in the field look like? What are topics to be avoided? Is this even a coherent field, or are we all just androids dreaming of the law of mechanical horses?

We invite you to join us for a panel discussion of these topics on Thursday, September 17th from 2:30P to 4:00P ET (1:30P to 2:00P CT). The panel will include Kristen Eichensehr, Susan Hennessy, Orin Kerr, and Bruce Schneier, plus possible additional panelists to be announced, and will be moderated by Alan Rozenshtein and Josephine Wolff. 
Pre-registration is required and can be completed via Google FormsThe discussion will be hosted on Zoom and there will be opportunity from Q&A audience engagement.

This is the first event of the academic year hosted by the Cybersecurity Law & Policy Scholars Conference. The conference's inaugural event was to be hosted at the University of Minnesota this past May but, for reasons we all are familiar, that event needed to be cancelled. We will be hosting a "virtual conference" over the course of this academic year, starting with two panels: this one, and a discussion of cybersecurity pedagogy (what and how to teach in a cybersecurity law class) scheduled for October. After these first two panels, we will transition to presentations of papers by participants initially selected to present papers at the May conference. It is our hope to convene at the University of Minnesota in September 2021 for our first in-person conference.