Professional Responsibility - Legal Malpractice – 6667

This course will survey ethics rules governing lawyers with a focus on the interrelationship between the Rules of Professional Conduct and legal malpractice law, a specialized form of tort law that varies in critical aspects from classic negligence doctrine. In addition to teaching the substantive law of legal ethics and legal malpractice, the course will focus on helping students recognize and avoid real life risks of malpractice exposure and liability.

Course Equivalency

Students may NOT earn credit if LAW 6661 PR-General, LAW 6662 PR-Business, LAW 6663 PR-Civil Trial Lawyer, LAW 6664 PR-Criminal Law Ethics or LAW 6665 PR-Government was previously completed.

Graduation Requirements
Professional Responsibility
Subject Area
Professional Responsibility
Student Year
Upper Division
Grade base
A - F
Course type