Data Compliance Practicum – 6133

The enormous growth in the importance of data privacy law over the past ten years has created opportunities for attorneys with expertise in this fascinating and fast-moving field. The Data Privacy Practicum aims to prepare students who may wish to specialize in the area with real-world exposure to practice and credentials that demonstrate readiness for its challenges. Students will

  • study for and take an exam overseen by the International Association of Privacy Professionals that will entitle them to become Certified Information Privacy Professionals; many attorneys working in this area display the “CIPP” credential proudly on their business cards and bios, demonstrating its reputational value;
  • shadow a privacy professional in the Twin Cities working in organizations such as Target, 3M, US Bank, Cargill, Optum Health, and major law firms.
  • attend six proseminar sessions with guest speakers practicing in the field
  • research and write a short paper tackling an important nuts-and-bolts problem in current data privacy law

LAW 6103 Data Privacy Law or LAW 6638 Cybersecurity Law and Policy or LAW 6832 Cybercrime and Cybersecurity. May also be taken concurrently.

Subject Area
Health Law & Bioethics *
Intellectual Property and Technology *
Student Year
Upper Division
Grade base
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