Interviewing Programs

The University of Minnesota Law School Career Center hosts both national on-campus and off-campus interviewing programs, and participates in diversity, public interest, and specialized recruiting programs across the country to give students increased access to a broad range of employers.

On-Campus Interviews

Dozens of employers—including law firms, courts, corporations, government agencies, and other organizations—conduct interviews at the Law School in August and September. Employers also are welcome to interview at the Law School year-round. More information and registration at Symplicity.

Off-Campus Interviews

Off-campus interview programs are offered annually in collaboration with six other law schools in New York, Washington, D.C., Chicago, and Houston. More information and registration at Midwest-California-Georgia Consortium Symplicity.

Resume Collections

If you are not able to conduct fall interviews on- or off-campus, we welcome you to participate through our resume collection process. Register via Symplicity (select "submit schedule request" and "resume collect"). We will list you as a recruiting employer, notify our students about your job, collect resumes from interested students, and send those resumes directly to your hiring contact.

Diversity Fairs

Several programs bring our students together with employers who have a specific interest in hiring students from a diverse background. The programs are held in a variety of locations around the country throughout the year.

Public Interest Fairs

Students interested in pursuing public interest careers are invited to interview across the country with a variety of employers at any of the special interview programs for public interest employers.