Government and Law-Related Websites

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Legislative Branch

constitution, statutes & legislative information

Executive Branch

governor's office, agency rules & information, attorney general, etc.

Judicial Branch

court opinions, rules & information

Local Government

county, city, township, special district and regional government


Official state portal to government information and services

Minnesota Law-Related Periodicals

law school, bar and commercial publications


a web search engine that covers hundreds of legal websites in Minnesota

Minnesota Bar Associations

Minnesota Bar Admissions & Bar Exam Information

Minnesota Law Libraries & Related Associations

Legislative Branch: Statutes, Session Laws, Bills, etc.

Executive Branch: Governor, Departments., Agencies, Rules, etc.

Judicial Branch: Opinions & Court-Related Information

Minnesota Supreme Court & Court of Appeals

Minnesota District (Trial) Courts on the Web 

  • District Courts Home Page 
    Includes a state map of Minnesota's ten judicial districts and a list of counties within each judicial district.  Links are provided to the court web page for each county and/or links to each county's home page.
  • Minnesota Trial Court Public Access Remote view (MPA Remote) 
    An online case inquiry tool for statewide electronic case records. MPA Remote Displays case information for public viewing, including register of actions, calendars, judgments, and orders and notices prepared by the court. Internet Explorer is required to use this service.
  • Self-Help Center (Minnesota District Courts) 
    "A place where you can find helpful information, services and resources about our legal problem if you are not represented by an attorney. The Self Help Centers assist people who represent themselves in the Minnesota District Courts.

Court Rules

  • Court Rules (Minnesota State Court System) 
    Includes the text of recent amendments to court rules.

Local Government Information: City, County, Special Districts, etc.

Selected Minnesota Law-Related Periodicals

Minnesota Bar Associations

State & County (Twin Cities Metro) Bar Associations

Other Bar Associations

Minnesota Bar Admissions & Exam Information

Minnesota Law Libraries & Related Associations

Note: U of M law students are eligible to borrow materials from other law libraries in the Twin cities.  Details here.

Academic Law Libraries

County Law Libraries (Twin Cities Metro)

Directory of County Law Libraries (Compiled by the Minnesota State Law Library)

State Libraries 

CALCO Libraries (includes links to various state agency libraries)

Federal - 8th Circuit Law Libraries 

Library Associations