Prof. Rozenshtein Quoted by The Age About Trump's Legal Issues 

Professor Alan Rozenshtein was quoted in an article by The Age breaking down many of the legal challenges currently faced by Donald Trump, including the recent raid of his Mar-A-Lago property by the Department of Justice. With a multitude of legal challenges looming, the potential indictment of Donald Trump creates an unprecedented scenario. Reflecting on the situation, Professor Rozenshtein shared, “As insane as you think it is, it’s 10 times more insane. The US, the world’s hyper power, is considering for the first time indicting a former president who is [de facto] head of the opposing party, for a crime against democracy. I’m a law professor, paid to sit and think these thoughts, but we’d be kidding ourselves if we think we can know how the statutes will apply to a president. I think the last time a [sitting] president was charged with a ‘crime’ was when Ulysses S. Grant was pulled over for speeding in his carriage.”