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Human Rights Lab Year 2 Report cover
Human Rights Lab: Year Two Report

This exploratory research grant for the two-year project period 2016-2018 enabled the Minnesota Human Rights Lab to formalize its process, deepen its intellectual interdisciplinary engagement, advance policy partnerships, and support and manage 12 projects with partners in the field.

Each of the 12 participating faculty identified a human rights challenge and selected a graduate student and an NGO/institutional partner. After the selection of their proposals, the faculty and graduate student presented their project for feedback in an interdisciplinary Lab session with faculty and researchers from across the University. Framed and informed by input from the Lab, each faculty-student team proceeded to test and model their research and outreach strategies with partners on the frontlines of human rights defense and promotion, including nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), inter-governmental organizations (IGOs), and government agencies.

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Human Rights Lab Year 1 Report
Human Rights Lab: Year One Report

We are pleased to present this report on the accomplishments that this innovative and collective initiative has achieved to advance our faculty’s scholarship, the training of our students, the impact we make with partners, and the reputation of our University as a leader in human rights. 

The report is based on the detailed written feedback that we have collected from student and faculty participants of the five Year 1 Lab projects, as well as assessments from external partners.

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