Human Rights in Action

Putting Human Rights Labs to Work

By engaging graduate students with leading faculty and innovative partner organizations, the Minnesota Model supports teaching the next generation of human rights leaders by offering experiential learning opportunities that generate solutions to complex challenges such as inequality, discrimination, and violations of human rights. Through these partnerships, the Minnesota Model fills knowledge gaps in practice and brings knowledge back to the University to inform teaching and research.

Sociology Ph.D. student Michael Soto and Professor Joachim Savelsberg conducted research in Belfast, Northern Ireland. They interviewed participants from the Grassroots Transitional Justice Toolkit, an initiative designed by Bridge of Hope and the Transitional Justice Institute (TJI).

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Anne Dutton on her experiential learning

Read a Q&A with Anne about her experience in the field.

Photos from Anne’s field service trip to Uganda

Gulu, Uganda near sunset
Health Clinic Sign in rural cornfield
International Criminal Court building, The Hague, Netherlands