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Michelle Rodenburg Spent Her 2L Summer Immersed in International Criminal Law Work in Cambodia

Michelle Rodenburg, 3L, spent the summer as an intern for the Office of the International Co-Prosecutor in the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC). It was a rare opportunity to learn about international criminal law firsthand for the Human Rights Center fellow, who obtained the placement through her connection with the HRC.

Could you describe a little bit about your summer experience working in the courts in Cambodia?

Rising 2L Michelle Rodenburg

Immigration and Human Rights Clinic Helps Honduran Woman Win Asylum

On Feb. 12, U.S. Immigration Judge Audrey Carr granted asylum to a Honduran woman who is a client of the Law School’s Immigration and Human Rights Clinic.

While working as a transit police officer in Honduras, the client refused to accept bribes from gangs who sought to procure drivers licenses for their members and information about police operations. Because she refused to comply, the client was threatened by the gang and eventually she and her family were attacked by gunmen at their home. The client fears that if she returns to Honduras, she will be killed.

2L Brittany Turany, 3L Natacha Garcia, 3L Emily Ortlieb and Professor Stephen Meili