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Class Agents

About Class Agents 

Class agents provide a critical communication link between alumni and Minnesota  Law. Our dedicated agents act as advocates for the Law School with their classmates, and encourage continued engagement with and support of their alma mater. 

As a Class Agent, your personal dedication, enthusiasm, and giving play a vital role in keeping your classmates connected with Minnesota Law and encouraging their annual support of your alma mater.

Class Agent Responsibilities:

  • Support annual giving at Minnesota Law by educating your classmates about the importance of philanthropy and alumni support. Class agents should also strive to lead by example and make a gift to the Law School Annual Fund each year. 
  • Draft one class letter each year (sent out in early March): These letters include class news, news about Minnesota Law, and an annual fund appeal to classmates. 
  • Be an ambassador: Share Minnesota Law news with classmates and take an active role in engaging classmates through social media, in-person conversations, phone calls or email outreach.
  • During reunion years: Work with Office of Advancement staff to provide coordination and planning for class reunions and reunion giving campaigns.

For more information or to become a Class Agent, please contact