Annual Fund Chair

Annual Fund Chair Barb D'Aquila '80
A message from Josh Colburn '07
2020-2021 Annual Fund Chair


Dear friends:

Welcome, finally, to the tail end of 2020. I am writing to ask you to join me and the growing number of our fellow alumni in donating to the University of Minnesota Law School this year. Not because you should—and you really should—but because the impact of our giving has never been greater.

In 2017, Minnesota Law launched the Driven to Lead fundraising campaign as a part of the University-wide fundraising campaign that ends next June. The bold $80 million-dollar goal was designed to ensure that Minnesota Law and its graduates are poised to succeed in this ever-changing legal landscape. I am pleased to report that the Law School was the first school to exceed its overall goal. But wait, there’s more! Even though we have met the overall goal, we have yet to achieve the individual goals for student support and faculty support—among the most critical components of Minnesota Law’s ability to continue to produce exceptional legal scholarship. Therefore, in these uncertain times, the Minnesota Law and its rising lawyer-leaders need our support now more than ever.

Recall your 1L year... stressful but character building? Now add the additional layers of virtual classes, or in-person classes with face masks and social distancing. Minnesota Law has adapted admirably, and significantly, to ensure that this year’s 1L experience remains more character-building than stressful. But rapid innovation is only one component of that plan. Our financial support is a tangible way for us to demonstrate that alumni stand together with current scholars and faculty at Minnesota Law—that we believe in them and their intellectual pursuits.

The emotional and financial strains of the last several months have been tough for all of us. And that’s why I’m not asking for you to endow a faculty position! I am simply asking you to make a gift that is meaningful to you. Alumni giving participation matters in so many ways, not the least of which is inspiring others to give. Show your support for this great institution by joining the growing number of alumni who participate in the Annual Fund each year.1

The donation form is short and it’s worth your time. Don’t put it off any longer and please give today.


Joshua L. Colburn ’07
2020-2021 Annual Fund Chair

For those who enjoy footnotes, Out of all the different schools at the University of Minnesota, the Law School has the highest percentage of alumni who give back to the University of Minnesota. Join the bandwagon already! See also [bluebook citation to Dean Jenkins’ September letter].

For more information or questions about giving to Minnesota Law, please contact Elissa Chaffee, Director of Alumni Relations & Annual Giving, at (612) 626-8671 or