1L Faculty Advising

Developing a relationship with faculty is an important part of the 1L experience at MN Law. We initiate that by assigning your first (of many) faculty interactions. Each 1L student is paired with a faculty advisor who will help you navigate your first year by providing information and advice about academic matters, including course selection. Your advisors are not intended to be your only faculty contact. You are encouraged to develop relationships with members of the faculty whose interests align with your own and can offer insight into your career path throughout your law school experience.

The 1L advising program is designed to be informal but there are key points of expected interaction. Watch for important emails to your UMN account from lawcurr@umn.edu and from your advisor.


You will learn who your faculty advisor is in early September. You will meet remotely or in person during the first several weeks of the semester. Use this opportunity to ask any questions you might have about navigating the Law School’s academic resources, course selection, and concentrations, among other things.


You should arrange to meet one-on-one with your advisor again before registration and final exams. 1Ls will register in November for one of four elective courses. You can learn more about your course options by reviewing the faculty videos describing each of the course options: Civil Procedure II, Essentials of Business for Lawyers, International Law, or Legislation and Regulation. The exam period begins in December and you will have had at least one class with a midterm during the semester. At this time, you are encouraged to discuss your registration options and exam preparation, as well as anything else that may be of concern.


Once the spring semester begins, feel free to check in with your advisor about your final fall grades and your new courses. You might have questions about study habits, time management and summer job opportunities at this time. Note that some students may have a new advisor for spring if their fall advisor is on leave.


Registration for fall semester classes will begin in April. Students are expected to meet with their faculty advisor prior to registration to discuss their course selection. You will want to prepare for this meeting by reviewing online resources tools regarding your graduation requirements and the many options for meeting them. Following are some important links.

Relevant Links and Resources

Degree Requirements
Course Guide
Moot Courts

Again, watch for important emails to your UMN account from lawcurr@umn.edu and your advisor.