International Moot Court – 7075

Fall 2019
* Multi-semester course
Fawn Wilderson-Legros
Laura Matson ’14

The University of Minnesota Law School’s International Moot Court (IMC) Program is the international law component of the Law School’s greater moot court program.  Students who participate in IMC learn basic principles of public international law through readings of seminal international law cases and other select readings.  Students apply these principles to their completion of written and oral advocacy exercises.

After introducing students to the core principles of public international law—the components with which every student must be familiar in order to undertake subsequent exercises – students begin work on an international legal brief (Memorial) on a matter with international legal implications.  Students spend Fall Semester working on building block assignments, leading up to the first draft of the Memorial, which is due in late Fall. Students participate in one oral argument in Fall Semester.

In Spring Semester, students rewrite the Memorial and engage in three rounds of oral argument.