Labor & Antitrust in the Gig Economy and Beyond – 6825

This seminar will engage the intersection of labor and antitrust regulation—and the role of labor in antitrust regulation—from the perspective of today’s so-called gig economy, while taking in broader doctrinal, policy, analytical, and historical questions. We will grapple with current policy questions as well as the historical and conceptual foundations of market regulation, covering such topics as: the status of gig workers under antitrust and labor law; the allocation of economic coordination rights under antitrust law, including rules concerning vertical and horizontal coordination; the meaning of fair competition; and how law shapes the fissured workplace. A reading response paper, a mid-term paper, and a final paper are required.  

Graduation Requirements
Upper Division Legal Writing
Subject Area
Business Law *
Labor & Employment Law *
Student Year
Upper Division
Grade base
A - F
Course type