Complex and Cross-Cultural Negotiations – 6626

Spring 2022

Effective communication and negotiation are quintessential to business success. We tend to think of both in domestic and dyadic settings where both actors motivated bycommercial aims. But really “big deals” are often more complex. They are cross-cultural and international. They involve many actors, some of whom are not motivated by commercial aims. This course helps you analyze and exploit these dimensions in high-stakes settings. Learn how “interest-based” versus “positional” bargaining strategies fare in dyadic versus coalitional settings. Play the role of a foreign firm negotiating the terms of a multi-year, multi-million dollar investment with a host-country government vulnerable to ouster at the next election. Learn how to translate the commercial aims of business into dimensions attractive to investors, employees, regulators and other stakeholders vital to the long-term success of an investment project. Come away with fundamental principles and tactics for getting complex deals negotiated successfully and serving your firm as a valued corporate diplomat in the global economy.