Poverty Law II – 6223

This course reviews constitutional, federal, state, and municipal law as they specifically affect low income persons. Poverty Law I and II cover complementary aspects of the subject. They may be taken independently or in any order. Poverty Law I focuses on government benefits programs and landlord-tenant law, with additional topics including consumer and elder law. Poverty Law II focuses on civil juvenile and public and subsidized housing law, with additional topics including migrant farmworkers, government benefits for immigrants, third party legal custody, direct care jobs disqualifications, expungement of criminal records, special education law, and rural practice. The course requires two papers and has no exam. This is a practice-based class with an emphasis on Minnesota law. Taking either or both courses will prepare the student for providing pro bono work while in private practice, working at a legal aid office, or serving in public law.

Graduation Requirements
Experiential Learning
Subject Area
Family Law *
Public Law
Student Year
Upper Division
Grade base
A - F
Course type