Remedies – 6200

Fall 2020

This is an extremely practical course. It is about what will make you, as a lawyer, valuable to your clients. Plaintiff litigates to get a remedy; defendant litigates to avoid having to provide one. Clients will consult you and pay for your services because of your ability to achieve results for them.  This course tells you what a court can do for a client who wins and what the court can do to a client who loses.  In it, we will explore the fundamental remedies -- damages, injunctions, restitution, and declaratory relief. The questions we will ask throughout are what can the plaintiff (or the defendant) get? Why that and not something else? Which of the available remedies or defenses is best? What are the strategic and practical ways to achieve the desired result? Remedies integrates threads from different parts of the law school curriculum and is a good vehicle for testing theories of what law is all about.

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