Nonprofits and Public Sectors Externship – 6042

In this externship course, students acquire legal experience in nonprofit and public sectors under the supervision of practicing attorneys. The course has two parts: a two-credit graded seminar, and a two-credit externship graded on a pass, fail, honors basis. When registering for the externship course, students are automatically enrolled in the seminar. A course pre- or co-requisite is Professional Responsibility.

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The course is designed to stimulate and integrate learning in three venues: a law office; the classroom; and personal research and work production space. For the externship component, each student is placed at an approved site and directed to report to an on-site supervisor. Over the semester, students should expect to devote 10 hours per week to work at or for their placement.

Placements may be made at nonprofits, government agencies, public interest organizations, or in law firm pro bono programs. A non-competitive application identifying the student's interests and any specific placement requests is required at the time of registration. Classroom time will be devoted to attaining the course learning objectives, which include: skill building in professional to professional interactions; leadership; office infrastructure and management; strategic problem solving; and reflective practice; contextual substantive law and ethics; systemic analysis; and lawyer's role and career development. A significant written work product as well as guided reflections journals will be required. There is no final exam.

Subject Area
Public Law
Student Year
Upper Division
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