Book Bites

Faculty Book Bites is a video series dedicated to providing brief overviews of recently published books from Minnesota Law faculty.

Professor Richard Frase discusses his recently authored book (with Julian V. Roberts, Professor of Law at Oxford University), Paying for the Past: The Case Against Prior Record Sentence Enhancements, the first book to take a deep dive into the issue of prior convictions—the most important factor in sentencing, after the seriousness of the crime.

Professor Jill Hasday discusses her recently authored book, Intimate Lies and the Law, and how it systematically examines deception in intimate relationships and uncovers the hidden body of law governing this duplicity.

Professor Tom Cotter, author of Patent Wars: How Patents Impact Our Daily Lives, discusses what inspired him to write this book and what differentiates it from other works on the topics of patents and intellectual property.

Professor Herbert M. Kritzer, author of When Lawyers Screw Up: Improving Access to Justice for Legal Malpractice Victims (w/ Prof. Neil Vidmar of Duke University School of Law), discusses the key takeaways from his thought-provoking work and what separates it from other books on the topic of legal malpractice.

Profs. Claire Hill and Richard Painter: Video 1

Profs. Claire Hill and Richard Painter: Video 2

Professors Claire Hill and Richard Painter, authors of Better Bankers: Better Banks: Promoting Good Business Through Contractual Commitment, discuss what differentiates their book from other books about the financial industry currently on the market and discuss key concepts and outcomes.