MLK Convocation

Minnesota Law's Annual MLK Convocation

In 2016, the University of Minnesota Law School and its Diversity Committee launched the first Annual MLK Convocation in an effort to bring all members of the Law School community together to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy and reflect on the continued relevance of his work in our legal community. 

2021: Breaking the Dam Against Social Progress

The 6th Annual MLK Convocation featured an in-depth conversation with alumni Paul G. Feinman '85, Toddrick Barnette '92, Pamela Alexander '77, and Kassius O. Benson '96. Our panelists convened over Zoom webinar and were joined by Dean Garry W. Jenkins and Marielos Cabrera, 3L. They discussed how the judicial system can often prohibit positive change and social progress. Dean Jenkins stressed that, "Educating ourselves on bias and racism, identifying structural barriers to justice, advocating for change in law and policy, and other action, are all important.” Feinman pointed to advocating for housing changes in civil court or performing pro bono legal advocacy. “Everyone can do something,” he said. “You can’t do it all but you can do something.”

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